Research Leadership


The mission of Resource Mining Corporation (ASX: RMI) is to create wealth from mineral commodities using innovative technical, marketing and financial skills.
A key to achieving this goal is through research leadership.

The research leadership has a focus on three main areas:

1. Innovative Exploration

Resource Mining Corporation takes an innovative approach to exploration, drilling, employment, transport and logistics in in Papua New Guinea (PNG) because of the project’s remote mountainous location and a desire to employ local villagers.
The Wowo Gap Project is 200 kilometres due east of the capital of Port Moresby and approximately 35 kilometres from the town of Wanigela situated on Collingwood Bay.
Because there are no roads, access is only by helicopter straight to site or a 6 hour walk from the nearest village of Embessa.

A desire to engage with local landowners in a sustainable way has led to new and innovative solutions to exploring for nickel in this tropical rain forest environment. One of the innovations has been to use a custom man-made, man-portable diamond core drilling rig. This is capable of much faster, higher quality and more cost effective drilling using a largely unskilled local workforce (Figure 1).
The idea for an auger-based drill rig actually came from technology being used to dig fence posts in farming.

This innovation, and others, has been independently verified as being well founded, completely applicable to good exploration of nickel laterite type deposits and meeting high international standards.
An internationally operating independent expert in nickel laterite exploration data and modelling has praised the company for its innovative drilling and sampling exploration procedures.
The Wowo Gap drilling innovations have resulted in three major benefits:

  1. Greater control over the drilling process because it is now being done in house rather than by external contractors.
  2. Major productivity gains and reduced drilling costs. For example external drilling contractors completed 55 holes in 12 months whilst using the new innovation 190 holes were drilled in a five month period.
  3. It has also led to a trained and motivated local workforce where local workers have a greater feeling of empowerment and ownership of the project.

Independent geological consultancy GeoRes completed a due diligence study on mineral exploration procedures being used at the Wowo Gap site. The aim of the due diligence study was to gain an independent third party expert view on the company’s processes to meet international standards and raise more capital to further develop the project.

2. Corporate Social Responsibility

The company supports the premise that sustainable development is defined as development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. This is a key value driver for the business and is especially important in PNG at Wowo Gap with its remote location, poor infrastructure and limited employment opportunities.

Key areas of research leadership within Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) include:

Transport and Supply Logistics:

Resource Mining Corporation operates in a very remote location where transport logistics are very challenging. It is a 2-hour helicopter flight from Port Moresby.

Innovative transport alternatives using charter planes to the local village of Embessa and portering supplies to site and boat transport via sea and river for fuel supplies have been put into practice with great success.
The company has a “buy local” procurement policy as part of a commitment to the local villages near where we operate. Local food and vegetables are purchased on a weekly basis.

Health and Hygiene:

Resource Mining Corporation continues to investigate ways to improve health outcomes for local villagers, especially having a healthy workforce and how these healthy habits are transferred back to villages through local health champions.
This has included surveys of major health issues such as malaria and intestinal parasites and research into solutions to these health issues as well as conducting local health clinics.

Education and Training:

Resource Mining Corporation continues to provide leadership and guidance on how it can better supply basic equipment (e.g. pens, pencils, writing paper) and resources to local village schools as well as technology such as satellite communications.

Resource Mining Corporation is also committed to providing training and development opportunities for local villages.
With the total lack of infrastructure and development, workers sourced from the local villages welcome the opportunity to learn new skills and Resource Mining Corporation is pioneering new ways to develop the skills of the local workforce.


Resource Mining Corporation has a strong commitment to the environment.
We are conducting environmental surveys in conjunction with local landowners focussing on:

  • Tree surveys  –  to monitor the impact of exploration on the forest environment; and
  • Water and aquatic surveys – to monitor the impact of exploration on the river environment.
Wowo Gap camp site
Man-portable diamond core drilling rig
Transport using local boats.
Ceremonial welcome for RMC staff
Tree survey work