Wowo Gap EL1165

Wowo Gap is located at the south eastern end of the Papuan Ultramafic Belt, a complex of peridotite, pyroxenite and gabbro which form the prominent east-west trending Didana Range, approximately 160km east of Port Moresby.

The project hosts 125 Million tonnes @ 1.06 percent Ni and 0.07 percent Co Indicated Resource Estimate (JORC 2004) within the laterite profile based on drilling along the 12 kilometre strike length. 

The nickel mineralisation is associated with a laterite weathering profile developed over the underlying ultramafic geology which has resulted in the enrichment of nickel, cobalt, iron, chromium, magnesium and magnesite.

A complete lateritic profile is preserved, with partial truncation associated with recent drainage systems. The depth of lateritic weathering varies according to rock type and the degree of structural brecciation. The lateritic profile is typically 10 to 15 metres thick, occasionally more than 20 metres.

The full regolith profile of the Wowo Gap deposit with typical average thicknesses from top to bottom is described in Table 1 below.

Table 1: Primary Lithology Units

Lithology Typical Geochemistry Typical 
Volcanic Ash <0.3%Ni 1 metre Volcanic ash – barren overburden
Limonite 1.0%Ni, 50% Fe2O3, 5%MgO, 20% Si02 5 metres Limonitic clay; Ni, Co, Fe, Mn enriched
Saprolite 1.4%Ni, 30% Fe2O3, 20%MgO, 35% Si02 3 metres Saprolite clay; Ni, Mg enriched
Rocky Saprolite 1.8%Ni, 20% Fe2O3, 30%MgO, 40% Si02 10 metres Saprolite clay within partly weathered UM rocks;
Bedrock <0.3%Ni NA Ultramafic rocks, peridotite and dunite

In summary, it is a large resource, lies close to the surface and is of high quality.